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Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

When it comes to cheap home decorating ideas, one of the biggest hurdles that you may face is finding the right idea to beautifully decorate the walls of your house. Since your goal is not only to create a warm atmosphere with the design of your choice, your mission is also to find the most cost-effective ways to create the design changes you wish to make..

Cheap home decorating idea #1: On your main wall, try to avoid the common mistake of just ‘filling up space’

For those of you that are not exactly ‘trained’ for interior design but are doing your best to come up with cheap home decorating ideas, try to avoid the natural tendency to fill up space on the walls of your home with anything you can find. Trust me, it’s perfectly natural to do so, especially on a tight budget, however, there is a better way to do this that will look more appealing.

Instead, using tape or even an imaginary line, create a triangle in any spot on your wall. My advice would be to start with the main wall in the very first room that your guests enter when they come inside. This wall should be considered the main area that you’re looking to fancy up a bit.

The next step is very simple: fill the inside of this imaginary triangle with works of art that you find appealing. These pieces can consist of picture portraits to hang on your wall, artwork that you find soothing, or even uniquely designed clocks that have a touch of color to them. Remember, your goal is not to clutter the entire wall up with your displays, but instead only place these items inside your triangle. Once finished, step back, and appreciate this one simple cheap home decorating idea that has helped you accomplish your goal and cost next to nothing.

Cheap home decorating idea #2: Make life easier by displaying one large piece on your main wall

If our first idea of creating a centerpiece with multiple wall decorations does not appeal to you, then perhaps you may want to try something much simpler. What is the idea? Find just one thing, yes – just one item – and hang it in the very center of your main wall. In fact, you can do this in every room of your house and create a very structured, yet appealing design to your wall. You’re probably thinking that it is extremely expensive to purchase a large painting, and it can be! However, you do not have to run out and spend hundreds of dollars to do this.

If you look hard enough and enjoy shopping around, you will be surprised at just how many bargains you can find in your local newspaper, flea markets, and even garage sales on the weekends. On the other hand, one of my favorite items to use for wall displays is a colorful rug or a quilt.

We even have one room where the main wall shows off a piece of white painted wood that our 10-year-old used to create her own artwork on. Of course not everybody may find this large children’s painting appealing, but we do, and that is what is important here – find the right cheap home decorating ideas that makes you and your family happy!

Pergola Design Ideas for Your Residential Property

Building an outdoor living structure can increase both the aesthetics and commercial value of your home. A comfortable outdoor place, where you can enjoy some quality outdoor time with your friends and family.

Many homeowners have taken to outdoor living structures, and according to recent surveys, a sizeable percentage is thinking about investing in outdoor structures, primarily for the comfort and increase in commercial value they offer.

If you are considering building an outdoor structure that provides you comfort and complements your landscape, building a pergola is a great option. A pergola is an archway used to form a shaded walkway or sitting area in an outdoor space. Depending upon your geographic location and personal preferences, you can design a pergola that’s both aesthetic and functional. Let’s take a look at a few pergola design ideas that you can consider.

• Classic wooden pergola

Wooden pergola lend a level of class and elegance to an outdoor space, greatly enhancing its overall aesthetic. If you are thinking about building a wooden pergola, there are a number of options to choose from, including teak, redwood, and pine. If you have the know-how, you can undertake a DIY project to build a wooden pergola in a cost-effective way. You can also take the assistance of a deck contractor to build the right wooden pergola that complements your style and space requirements.

• Combining wood with decorative concrete columns

If you have a specific design idea in mind or a wooden pergola doesn’t suit your budget, you can think about building a vinyl or aluminum pergola. These pergola are cost-effective and easy to install, but lack the aesthetic appeal of wooden pergola.

However, with some creative design ideas, you can not only save up on money but also get a pergola that looks truly amazing. Building a pergola by combining wood and concrete decorative columns is a great way of creating an appealing outdoor structure. You can take the assistance of a deck designer for some design options and choose something that goes well with your landscape.

The choice of decorative columns plays an important role in determining the overall look of the pergola, therefore, it’s important that you specifically focus on choosing the right columns. Larger columns will give your pergola a spacious, stately look, but it’s important to make sure they are proportional to the size of pergola and don’t obscure the other design elements. Experts recommend keeping the size between twelve to eighteen inches in diameter.

• Intricate lattice-work on the top

Another important design element that you can join in your pergola is intricate lattice designs on the top surface. You can have a word with your deck designer to know about the options that’ll go well with your landscape. Intricate lattice-work will not only lend a more aesthetic look to your pergola but also create more shade. You can also ask your contractor for suggestions on adding corner detailing to the pergola. This will help you create a pergola that will leave an indelible impression on everyone.

These were a few pergola design ideas for your pergola home. We hope that the tips mentioned in this article are beneficial to you. If you have recently built a pergola and want to share some interesting ideas with the readers, you can use the comments section below. We will love to hear from you!

Basement Design Idea For Your Dream Home Office

If your basement is just being used for storage or sitting there unused, why not make it into your home office? Use that space to get organized and have the office of your dreams right there in your own home.

Home Office

With this basement design idea, you can get organized, and create a space just for you. This will allow you to be more efficient with your work and your time. You will enjoy a place that is set aside just for you to work in.

By the way, when you just want to get away from whatever it is you want to get away from, you can always say, “I’m going to work!” Just click on your computer and play those great video games you’ve got hidden on there.

To begin your design, you can make a list of things that you will need. You probably already have a computer and a desk, but here are some other things you may need:

- A comfy sofa you can use to ‘think’ on when you’re not on the computer.

- A file cabinet to make sure you keep up with important documents or project ideas.

- Office supplies that you may need, or just haven’t had the room for before.

- Desk (if you don’t already have one)

- Book shelves for reference books or workbooks

- Shelving for projects or supplies

- Bins to keep your things organized and at your fingertips

- Big screen TV. for media referencing…okay, you might not be able to get away with that one!

- ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your door

Now you can put your office basement design idea into motion.

Find a great place to put your desk and computer. You can set up your supplies in a way that will keep you organized. Try placing a large calendar on your wall next to the computer to keep you organized and ensure that you will never miss a deadline or due date.

The shelving is great for organizing and storing supplies, projects, or other items you may need. You can get shelving that goes from the floor to the ceiling to maximize space, or just the ‘shelves in a box’ that you can put together yourself.

Place your bins on the shelves and label the sides that you see. This way you won’t have to launch a search to find a certain supply or document. You will know exactly where it is.

Place your sofa and any other furnishings you may have decided on in your office. You can keep the space from being so boring by using a few great things to spice it up. Place candles around the room for a calming effect.

Get some great houseplants that don’t need a lot of light, and place those in your office. The greatest thing about your home office basement design idea is that it’s yours. You can do whatever you want. Hang some great art on the walls to brighten it up, or place some comfy chairs for meeting with clients.

This is a great basement design idea for people who work at home. Give yourself a space to call your own, and get organized. Use these tips and ideas to help you create the perfect home office in your basement.